Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm off to Scottsdale for the weekend - :O)!
If I were staying in LA for the weekend I would be sure to catch David LaChapelle ++ others at the Honor Fraser Gallery on Sat
Pop Art and Ethics 2pm Moderated by Ed Schad, the panel discussion includes Irving Blum, David LaChapelle, Holly Myers and Catherine Taft in a dialogue about the ethics of pop art, and the ways in which this style of working walks the boundary between being a constructive critique of social culture and a spectacle in itself.
and the Wool and the Gang event at the New High Mart. I've been thinking about purchasing one of their kits for a verrryyy long time!
Stay warm and dry!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Science As a Contact Sport

Gosh, I am so delayed in mentioning this, it is embarrassing. OVER a month ago I was invited to Laurie David's house for a little meet and greet with the amazing and so interesting (this says a lot coming from a non-science person like me) with Dr Stephen Schneider, in conjunction with the release of his new book - Science As a Contact Sport. I was honored to be invited, and the Dr talked a bit about global warming and lots of science but boy did he capture my attention. Usually anything sciencey has the Charlie Brown's teacher effect on me - wawah, you know the sound ;o) - get the book and check it out for yaself.

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FU Penguin

My oh my is this blog funny - imagine the book is right up there!

And here to read funnies and I am sure you can find info on the book as well

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3.1 & The Costume Council

Thanks to the LACMA Costume Council for allowing me to attend the Phillip Lim talk and video presentation (spring '10) Between...Romance and Realism. As if I did not already love the 3.1 Line listening to Phillip, his approach to design and his take on clothes makes me heart him even more!
The Costume Council has an incredible line-up of events - for more info
**Above, one of the many pieces via from the collection that I LUVVED!!**

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