Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Courageous Pablo

Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz, the son of Jeff Castelaz and Jo Ann Thrailkill, brother of Grady Gallagher, passed away at home on Saturday, June 27 after a 13-month struggle against cancer. Services will be held Wednesday, July 1.

The magnificent six years and six days that were Pablo's life touched many. His brave journey began when he was diagnosed in May 2008 with Wilms' Tumor, a rare form of cancer. From the start, the family honestly and courageously documented Pablo's fight on the PABLOg, a daily diary that, over the course of the year, has evolved into a destination for countless families facing similar difficult questions and challenges. Pablo's life remains a beacon for hope, and has inspired an outpouring of goodwill and solace from an ever-growing community that spans the globe.

The Pablove Foundation was established shortly after Pablo was diagnosed and will continue to serve in his loving memory. The Foundation makes annual contributions to fund cancer research and treatment at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' Saban Research Institute, one of the top cancer research facilities in the United States. Pablove supports music and arts programs, and sponsors play rooms and activities in the soft tumor units at CHLA. Jeff, Jo Ann and brother Grady would like to express their gratitude for the immeasurable love and support from their family and extended community.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please visit Pablove.org to make a donation.

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Monday, June 29, 2009


Last Friday (which seems like ages ago!) I went to Campanile. This beautiful restaurant was built in 1926. Charlie Chaplin had planned to use the building (this is an understatement and no picture would do justice) for his offices. The food ain't have bad either - Campanilerestaurant.com

To the idiot realtor who managed to lock a screen door that only locks from the inside - ya gonna pay for that?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After much success in NYC @ ICFF, Indiposed comes to Lala land. 15 innovators were asked to create objects that could be mass produced AND are environmentally responsible. The exhibit will display the solutions. I will be stopping in for a gander tonight.

I believe it opens to the public tomorrow....

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eco Theory

Today, someone asked about my thoughts on green, eco, conscious, etc, etc. For me its always been,small changes make big impacts. I think you may even find a video blog on causecast.org where I say just that. Combine that with a touch of sustainability (of design) and that's all we can ask for. Of course, there are those than can do more but the above can be achieved with very little change of lifestyle.

In the case of fashion and sustainability - buy a well crafted, classic shape, excellent materials and in the case of a handbag you've got a keeper. Take the Longchamp Cosmos above as an example...

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Beyond Yoga

If you if aren't already a fan of Beyond Yoga and Jodi Guber there is no time like the present....

Beyond Yoga has created a limited edition charitable tote in order to raise awareness and the The Art of Elysium. The perfect tote for working out, going to the beach, or just running errands, the "i am beyond..." self expression campaign will allow women to create a personal statement about themselves via a blank tote or choose from one of the creative options available on the Beyond Yoga site. The colorful and creative totes are available for sale now at www.iambeyond.com, with 30% of proceeds to benefit The Art of Elysium.

The Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.To guarantee yourself a bag please submit your order by JUNE 25th!

The "i am beyond..." bags will be sold exclusively on the Beyond Yoga website

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time to take out the trash!

Had enough of Speidi and their antics??? Go on eonline.com

Beginning today through Sunday, June 21, we are putting it to the fans to decide whether to banish Heidi and Spencer from E! forever, or at least until they do something truly newsworthy (WHICH MEANS NEVER). Or let us know if you want to see their every move documented. Vote in our online poll to declare E! a Speidi-free zone. Results will be announced on E! News Monday at 7/6c.
Al Roker was joking when he said he'd "hit them with Mace and tie them up." We obviously don't condone that craziness at all, but if you can irritate the unflappable Roker that much, well, you've got to be pretty annoying.
So let's settle this like adults: Have you had enough Speidi or would you like some more? We'll do as you wish.
The choice is yours.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to the Bub...

Off to Boulder for the Lohas Forum for the remainder of the week. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new connections!

Have a great week!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Don't Buy - Current Elliott

In the 3 or so years of my blog I have never posted a 'negative' so it would obviously take a lot to get me to this point!

DON'T buy Current Elliot Jeans! And here's why...

Back in Feb, I purchased a pair of the ubiquitous boyfriend Jean. I was really excited for the jeans, they were soft, comfy, I could dress them up or down. They were over $200 - not cheap but not super expensive. In March, a hole started to form in the middle of the leg. This was a manufacturers or fabric flaw - no biggie, happens all the time. I will call up and expain the situation. Since I live in LA and they are based in LA I am sure we can deal with this easily.
This is not why I am saying not to buy CE, it's what follows....

The jeans did not need to go back to the store, its was a fabric flaw. I call the showroom and the rep, I know her name but will leave it off, was completely rude and basically cut me off mid-sentence. 'We don't deal with the public you need to return them at point of purchase.' Wow, that was rude but maybe this chica is having a bad day.

Ok, I will do that....so a month passes and the store repeatedly contacts this rep asking for an RA (return authorization) over and over with no reply. Finally, after a month or so, she issues the RA and then another month goes by. Now, its taken longer for the jeans to be replaced than I've worn 'em. At this point, I am so frustrated and the store is stuck. They are even telling me how frustrated they are with the rep.

I call the showroom once again, explain the situation and this rep gives me such attitude and a lecture about how she does not work with customers directly. She was hands down the rudest person I have ever spoken with in a customer service role. Ok, that's the second time she has been a B**CH to deal with, not acceptable.
Even if you don't work with the 'public' there is a pleasant or even decent way to pass along this information.

Fast forward to JUNE - HUMMM How many months was that? and I have a replacement pair.

This is the WORST case of customer service I have ever experienced! I work in a business development/sales role and have years of sales and retail experience through high school and college. I know what I am talking about. Given the economy and all the people out there dying for a Job I would recommend CE find a replacement pronto!
So don't buy CE jeans because if something happens to your jeans I would not want you to go through what I just did!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Made for Me

If ever there was an event tailormade for Moi...this is it!

or should swing into the convention center first?

TGIF and Happy Weekend!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exciting News!!

Well, I have to admit, I never thought I would be working Film Industry. It was never a part of my decision to move to LA. Here I am doing just that, I am now an Associate Producer for Blue Water Entertainment. The Producer/Director of Blue Water received Best Documentary in 2008 at Sundance! He's got another winner in the works....stay tuned for updates or contact me if you are interested in the deets

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Earth Cinema Circle

Earth Cinema Circle

This is a great DVD club! With Earth Cinema Circle you receive
4 films per DVD, every other month...yours to keep!
A Partner of The Conservation Fund
Revolutionary 100% recycled packagingand carbon-neutral shipping
Click on the above a receive a free bonus DVD

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Monday, June 8, 2009

8 oz

8oz has gotta be the most unWest Hollywood (I say this as the sincerest form of flattery) in West H. This burger joint, is chill, good priced and makes some killer cocktails. No they are NOT mixologists who throw flames, smoke the glass or any other types of shenanigans that triple the price of your already overpriced cocktails. Just tasty combos - Take the Moscow Mule for instance...vodka, ginger puree, fresh lime and ginger ale.

Oh and the burgers (grass fed, kobe, veggie, turkey, etc, etc) and choice of toppings = tastiness.
sorry - that is the worst picture but don't hold it againist 8oz...

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food Inc

Last Thursday I went to a screening of Food Inc. A very disturbing look at the industrialization of the food industry today. A must see!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cause for Creativity

Yesterday I went to the Santa Monica museum of Art's Cause for Creativity. It was a BLAST! I took old t-shirts and made new ones, shopping bags and plushies!

And if you haven't popped in lately - go see the Barkley Hendricks exhibit!!

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Dr Tiller

There is no pretty pic for this sad story.

Dear Murderer,

You are againist abortion because you believe it's murder yet you murder someone yourself.

Humm....interesting statement you made.


Intelligent Human Beings

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