Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Support Love

& The Watts House Project by purchasing your very own Love Necklaces....

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If anyone happens to be looking for me tonight....Artist Alexandra Grant and designer Mike Niemann discuss their collaboration on the Love House with Edgar Arceneaux, Director of Watts House Project (WHP). Grant conceived of the Love House--placing a sculpture of the word love on the roof of the Cerant family home of 107th Street--as a lightning rod to draw attention and reseources to the community across from the Watts Towers in South Los Angeles. Watts House Project is an artist-driven, collaborative redevelopment project between residents, artists, and architects to find creative solutions to everyday problems facing the Watts Towers community.

Santa Monica Museum of Art -

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Friday, September 25, 2009


Ahhhh, no wonder I am digging the new Judith Lieber designs I mentioned yesterday....Lucy Sykes is on creative patrol.....I was wondering what she was doing there.

It's TGIF, beach time and the Abbot Kinney Festival this weekend....

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been slacking on the blogging for sure....Last night I went to the Judith Lieber store opening. It's not really my style but my friend, the founder of The PR firm, Company Agenda was out running the show so I had to swing on through. Of course, I am a big supporter of all things eco and organic but I also like sustainable design. This means a shoe, bag, piece of jewelry, coat, etc that you will wear for years and years, it has a timeless style. Well, I never thought I would find a JL bag that caught my eye. Surprisingly enough I found a handful last night. Here a pair that I found just gorgeous and could be your go-to evening bag forever!!!!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Equinox

I guess if I was going to miss something about living in Colorado (besides my friends of course!) it is the wildflowers in the summer and the Aspens turning in the fall. If you never seen the aspen groves turn gold its a must do! Especially in Aspen!

Photo is not retouched - the sky really gets that blue and the leaves that brilliant!

PS - as I sit at my desk and type in a tank top and jeans while it's snowing in Boulder can't say I am missing the leaves all that much ;o)

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Monday, September 21, 2009


It's really been an effort to come up with any today....I know Fall is in the air. For me, its not so much the cooler temps but the short days always kill me.

However, if this dress + belt were in my closet I would be excited for Fall. This model has a knockout figure but I am optimistic that the ruching would be flattering on most figures!!!

***Note - this post is from yesterday. For some reason IE was not allowing me to add an image to my blog post, instead it was hanging up computer completely****

****Note II - if you are the person who continues to send a comment in chinese, PLEASE stop. I will continue to reject it. I have no idea if it is a virus or what it says so neither will my readers***

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pandora Alternative

I love Pandora, so much so that I tend to max out my listening hours....KCRW recently launched Eclectic 24 - this is free streaming music 24/7 no cap! While you can't control the artist or genre, it has so many different styles of music I doubt it will disappoint....

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clare Vivier part Deux

Not a day goes by while carrying my Clare Vivier clutch that someone stops me to ask the who? where? and how much? While its not my design I can compliment myself to have the fortitude to purchase. Or in this case purchase a few, as the price point is so reasonable! With each interaction a little part of me rejoices that, as with all of the gorgeous creations in her collection, they are created with fabric remnants. So when its gone, its gone.

But no have no fear, Clare has a few new creations up her sleeve - including the Flat work Tote shown above. Visit her website - and create a little bag envy with your own friends & family....

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Number 4 Hair

I am absolutely loving this haircare line - not only is it paraben free and with no animal testing but it was created by the clothing designer Juan Carlo Obando....who is based here in LA!!!!

Here is a story about JCO and his line from the Washington Post -

The fashion industry is now in the midst of its own extreme makeover. Younger designers are taking the lead in finding new ways of doing business that can sustain the dream.Juan Carlos Obando is relying on shampoo.Obando is a Los Angeles-based, self-taught designer who learned his craft by deconstructing exemplary frocks by Azzedine Alaia and Chanel that he purchased at Decades, a vintage couture boutique in Los Angeles that supplies red-carpet dresses to celebrities. Obando came to the fashion industry by way of advertising, where he developed a reputation as "the car guy," with campaigns for companies such as Toyota. He launched his collection four years ago, and on Fashion's Night Out, he will be giving salsa lessons at Barneys New York.Obando's work is not based on trends but rather his own quirky, somewhat indulgent sensibility. For his fall collection, for instance, he created airbrushed white chiffon dresses that were hand-pleated and steamed, creating the illusion of a finely etched shell. It took three days to pin the fabric into place and four days to sew it. Obando has cut the production time from a week to three days, and the dresses are priced at $9,000. "I refused to let these dresses go above $10,000," Obando says with obvious pride, for merely staying within a budget that's comparable to the gross national income per capita in quite a few countries.Obando, 32, is a tall man with a charming manner, a medium build and dark hair. His laugh is more like a giggle, and that, along with his ability to describe a suit that sells for $1,500 as being at entry-level pricing, belies the fact that he is a savvy and serious businessman.The designer works out of a 2,100-square-foot former soap factory in Silver Lake. He has four retail accounts and one of them is Barneys, to whom he delivered 21 pieces for fall. He has five employees, and everyone gets paid. (Small design houses often survive on the kind of free labor that would make the Teamsters riot.)The clothing line, Obando says, "is 100 percent financed by hair care." Consumers, it seems, are more inclined to buy fancy shampoo than fancy frocks.He launched Number 4 hair care during his spring '09 show. "I built Number 4 to be high-end," he says.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Domino Mag Lovers Rejoice!

From mediabistro.....Michelle Adams, who served as market editor of the now defunct Domino magazine, is launching Lonny Magazine, an online decorating and lifestyle publication!!!
Yea, yea, yea!!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

TreeHugger - Earth Cinema Circle

Ok, maybe I am biased because I created the offer, it's such a GREEAATTTT program and now too good to miss.

If you don't know about Earth Cinema Circle - its the ONLY DVD club selecting films that focus on social and environmental awareness. ECC wades through the gazillions of films, picks the best, wraps it up in a neat little DVD and ships right to your doorstep every other month. Each DVD contains 4-5 films, you can try it once, sign up for a year or whatever works best for you. There is no contract and you keep it!

And right now we have a special deal going with TreeHugger - you get the DVD for $9.95 including shipping - so what is that - less than $2 a film. I don't think there is a better deal going.

No coupon code needed, just click here and go to the special offer

TGIF to all!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Imagine packing a plate, fork, knife and glass, hopping on your bike for a 5 minute ride, to arrive at a spacious loft where a slew of people (including many former Top Chef Contestants) are creating a fantastic meal for you (and a few others) with a bar containing an endless selection of fine reds and whites for you to sip.

That was my wonderful evening last night thanks to Lee Anne Wong and crew of the Zeno Supper Club

I was invited back tonight but it's off to LA Fashion Night Out Events for me. Though, I must admit I am a little shocked that nothing is happening in LA Fashion District and the only remotely sustainable or eco event is Toms. What up LA??
ZSC, look forward to the next round...cheers!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I recently discovered Bikerowave at the Farmers Market Sunday. They were kind enough to do a once over on my bike....Bikerowave is a do-it yourself repair collective. They have the goods and you do the work.

My cruiser definitely needs some lovin' and oil....

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ediot is a great line of tees available via Etsy and super affordable.... Support Independent Business!! So much good stuff on Etsy!!

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