Friday, September 11, 2009

TreeHugger - Earth Cinema Circle

Ok, maybe I am biased because I created the offer, it's such a GREEAATTTT program and now too good to miss.

If you don't know about Earth Cinema Circle - its the ONLY DVD club selecting films that focus on social and environmental awareness. ECC wades through the gazillions of films, picks the best, wraps it up in a neat little DVD and ships right to your doorstep every other month. Each DVD contains 4-5 films, you can try it once, sign up for a year or whatever works best for you. There is no contract and you keep it!

And right now we have a special deal going with TreeHugger - you get the DVD for $9.95 including shipping - so what is that - less than $2 a film. I don't think there is a better deal going.

No coupon code needed, just click here and go to the special offer

TGIF to all!!

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