Friday, August 28, 2009

Mister Freedom

Well, now that Mister Freedom is hitting the masses with their JCrew colab I might as well share a little about the collection and shop. Mister Freedom has a MASSIVE space on Beverly Blvd. Standing outside you have no idea what lies inside, it's awesome! The MF collection and overall vintage collection of the shop is incredible. The prices aren't cheap but no more than They Way We Wore or similar shops.... - check it out.

I will be traveling, working vacation, blah blah next week so the blog will likely follow suit.

Ciao for now....

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

This just in....

ughhh - I should really stay away but her stuff is so good and it lasts forever!

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Kelly B

I love when I learn about a great designer that happens to live in my backyard....such is the case with Kelly B Couture...a great collection of easy to wear pieces in luxurious eco-fabrics. Maybe because heading to the beach is on my brain, I was super excited to see her bikinis for 2010 ----sooo cute...its a few months before they hit the shelves. To restrain yourself between now and then consider this cute number - The Mandy Dress at - and guess what - IT'S ON SALE almost half off!!!! And you know it would work, en route to the beach, or al fresco for some sunset cocktails - click here to read more about the Kelly B dress

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Collab

Hermes x Liberty - the only thing cooler would be using deadstock fabric or then they would be super limited eds and they could charge the bigger $$$$$$$$$
Someone, please buy for moi??

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Say no to Sigg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigg contains BPA!!! Wow - what can you say for yourself? I definitely feel cheated! Not only did you deceive me but I extolled the virtues of a Sigg bottle to my friends and family and they bought Sigg bottles and told their friends and family.

What's is the address to send back our bottles for reimbursement? Sounds like a recall if you ask me!!!!!

Via Inhabitat - SIGG contains here to read entire article

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Who doesn't need a little balance these days....

Right??? So why not give Pangea Organics Balancing Oil for your face and neck a try?? After a day outside a little oil followed by some Pangea eye cream is a must do! I can tell you my face was happy.

Check out the entire line at - - know I am already a big fan of the lip balm!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

WOW - awesome sale on

Check out -
It’s time for our HUGE SUMMER BLOWOUT* including TONS of Women’s & Men’s Clothing and Accessories marked down…
1st week – 35% OFF 2nd week – 50% OFF 3rd week – 65% OFF
Just make sure you get yours before it SELLS OUT!

Also, be sure to check out the GWG blog or Facebook for our 48 HR FLASH SALES every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
One item + Deep Discount for 48 hours = Too Good to Pass Up! STARTING TODAY… the Stella top by Toggery (originally $65, see photo below) for only $29!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


For me, the pairing of style + eco/green is what speaks to me. Sooooo, when I first found out Fahmina takes leather otherwise headed for the landfills to make fabulous bags, earrings, necklaces I was elated! Check her out -

An important note - I carry a lot of weight in my hips so I was hesitant to try the fanny clutch. However, it is surprisingly slimming!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another reason to love Z Cuisine

If you live in Colorado or plan on visiting Colorado, a meal @ Z Cuisine is highly recommended from moi....and now more so than ever - way to go Patrick~

I went to see The Cove movie last Sunday night — this is really big for me because my whole being wants to be involved so very deeply in this indifferent world we live in.
This is why I would like to call myself a Food Activist one day, but nothing will happen unless I take action and become available to that mission.

This is why I want to be part of this very important movie that concerns the protection of the entire food chain and the future of it.

In addition to the captivity and mass slaughtering of dolphins — which have become my symbol of the indignance, ignorance and greed of human behavior — I want to be a voice for all the messages that are not being heard enough: all the other movies out there being used as a vessel to intrigue, touch and reach as many souls as possible about our world, and how we can — how we should — live more harmoniously within it.

So lets start with that, I will buy 50 tickets to go see the movie at the STARZ Film Center
Come by Z Cuisine. Collect your tickets. And take part in your destiny.

Patrick Dupays

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As you may or may not know, my last 48 hours have been quite stressful. My sweet dog contracted (if you can call it that) bloat and was rushed to ER, surgery, the whole gamut. Since he remained in the hospital last night, though coming home TODAY! I needed a distraction last night. I previously RSVP'd for a screening of the soon to be released documentary distributed by Oscillospcope Pictures, No Impact Man, at a sweet little screening room, tucked into a random building on Wilshire.

I first read about Colin in a NY Times article a few years ago, so I was intrigued. The film was well made and deeply chronicled the year project Colin, his wife (although reluctantly at times) and daughter undertake.

Here is Colin's blog if curious -

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Very cute idea...

Cause for Creativity: Tour da Arts Saturday, August 22, 2009

Join SMMoA and C.I.C.L.E (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange) for a special art-making workshop and cultural bike tour that begins at the museum and loops through the city of Santa Monica. Enjoy special programming and tasty treats along the way! The bike ride is led by League Certified Cycling Instructors from C.I.C.L.E. and consists of an 8 mile loop throughout the city.
Beginning at SMMoA, the tour will make its first stop at The Broad Stage and continue on to the Miles Playhouse. From there, bikers will travel to the 18th Street Arts Center and then back to SMMoA. The bike tour will proceed at a slow, social pace and will obey all traffic laws. Participation in the bike tour is FREEWorkshop Registration: FREE for SMMoA members and $5 for non-members. Click here to Buy Workshop Tickets
What to Bring: A bicycle in good running order. All participants under 18 must wear a helmet and be escorted by a parent or guardian. Children under age 9 are recommended to be on a tag-along, bike trailer, tandem, or other safe child-carrying device.
Bike Rentals: SOLD OUT
Join us for all or part of the day:

1-2pm: Registration Check-in for the workshop and see SMMoA exhibitions.

2-4pm: Workshop Make an original bike flag to wave your creativity to the world!

4-5pm: Bike Check-up Check-in for the bike ride. Get your tires checked, attach your new bike flag, enjoy snacks and drinks provided by Whole Foods, Cliff Bars, Y Water, and indulge in an ice cream sandwich by Coolhaus.

5-8pm: Bike TourC.I.C.L.E will lead a guided bike tour to some of Santa Monica’s most exciting arts venues, featuring live music, artist studio visits, and exhibition tours.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Insiders

Don't know these fine gentleman but I inexplicably know I would love them! And I rarely ever eat red meat (last time ended very badly) but I am sure one step in this joint and I would carnivore it out.

The Insider profiles emerging tastemakers in the fields of fashion, design, food, travel and the arts. Here, the Brooklyn-based chef-restaurateurs Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli (aka the Franks) of Frankies Spuntino(s) — one at 457 Court Street in Brooklyn, the other at 17 Clinton Street in Manhattan — and their latest venture, Prime Meats at 465 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, share their essentials.
Castronovo: 41; 1967 — summer of love.
Falcinelli: Just turned 44.

C: Chef-restaurateur/designer
F: Thoroughly invigorating [also, see above]
Home Base
C: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
F: South Brooklyn

Favorite Haunts
C: Sunny’s in Red Hook. It’s one of the most authentic longshoreman bars — one of the top 10 in the country — family owner-operated for over 100 years. Prospect Park: I love to go there with my kids to ride bikes, and the whole place is like a giant dog run; we have a hound dog.
F: Le Cepa in San Sebastian, Spain, is where I get my jamon and spicy peppers.

Retail Standbys
C: What Comes Around Goes Around, that’s my source for real Levi’s from the ’50s and ’60s. And then I love the creative director Gerard Maione’s own label, the Key.
F: 45rpm, Filson, Built by Wendy for jeans, Schiesser for underwear from Germany.

Momentary Style Obsessions
F: I’ve been dying to purchase some suits. I got a bunch last year, and the only one I’ve worn was a Ralph Lauren — please, Black Label — blue seersucker, and I got tons of compliments. I’m obsessed with a certain type of suit that Lincoln wore. I hired Donna Zakowska, who did the costumes for “John Adams,” because she’s doing all of our uniforms for Prime Meats (they’re going to be so period-perfect). It’s a four-piece suit — the Prince Albert, I think it’s called.
C: Vans for skateboarding, still; must have been doing that my whole life.
F: I’ve got a pair of original Nike Jordan Dunks. I love the original Pro Keds with the two stripes. And, of course, Converse All Stars.
C: I don’t normally do grooming: I have a long beard. Alix comes to me; she’s a professional hair cutter to the stars. I don’t even know her last name.
F: Alix just left my house five minutes ago. She prefers to be called Alix Hair.
C: Brimfield Antique Show, three times a year [May, July and September]; fall is the best.
F: [agreed]

Brush Work
C: Only the Dutch know how to make the best paint. Luckily we have a connection that ships it in from Amsterdam. The name is on the tip of my tongue. Frank will know it.
F: I happen to have a can right here in front me. Sigmakalon. This stuff is like gold; you have no idea what it’s like smuggling stuff like this out of Amsterdam.

C: The Birds, Jefferson Airplane, Vetiver.
F: Judee Sill, Pentangle, Sandy Denny, Pearls Before Swine, Charlie Rich, New Riders of Purple Sage, Vetiver (of course); also the new Neil Young box set and Grateful Dead’s 1970 Winterland recording.

Favorite Concert
C: I’ve got pictures of me at Woodstock at 2 years old, but I don’t remember it. Personal favorite concert? Black Crowes in Amsterdam, but all of their shows have been good.
F: Neil Young up in Woodstock and at Radio City Hall when he did the Greendale shows — he did a set as Neil Young as himself then another set as Neil Young with Crazy House; the Black Crowes, Halloween 1991 — I brought my whole kitchen staff to the show, that was cool.
C: Australia (the Five Apostles), Indonesia (Lumbak and Bali), Nepal (the Tatopani, a small village in the Himalayas).F: I was just in San Sebastian, and I’d probably want to go back there. And I gotta go back to Japan — I want to tour around.
New DestinationC: Argentina (Malbec), Brazil, Chile (Patagonia).
F: I’ve got to get to Tibet.
C: Ice cream from Blue Marble or Laboratorio del Gelato. For a pantry, you don’t need a lot: beans, lentils, olive oil, some vinegar, can of tomatoes (a couple), salt and pepper, flour, dry pasta. Keep it simple and fresh. You can do a lot of damage with those few things.
F: I like to have some thick honeys around, and dried sausages — Italian or French; sick teas — Chinese or African — from In Pursuit of Tea, which we stock because it’s the best.
C: I’m not going to say heirloom tomatoes. That’s what everyone says. What have I been cooking the hell out of? Fennel; I’ve been braising it in olive oil.
F: It was heirloom tomatoes, and then there’s the blight right now, so instead, caviar? No. Pork belly. We’re making sick pork belly: we’re braising it.

C: I always bring olive oil.
F: Usually the laughing juice, which is the Lambrusco. These days it’s Lini 910 Lambrusco Scuro.
C: I’m kind of digging this River Cottage meat book; it’s like a bible.
F: I love Rose Levy Beranbaum’s “Cake Bible”; the first River CafĂ© Cookbook.

C: I like the cheeks, man: pork, beef, any kind of cheeks. I like to squeeze the cheeks. I also love to braise them. I’ve been called the king of braise.
F: Dry-aged rib-eye.

C: I like spaetzle.
F: Fazzoletti. I’ve had about 50 bowls lately.

C: My favorite restaurant, high end: Paul Bocuse in France; I’d like to go just to get schooled by the classics again. For everyday kind of stuff, I like Hasaki: it’s just solid sushi. It’s full of Japanese people, because they know. And across the street, I like Soba-ya.
F: Other than Le Bernardin? Wait, are you talking international? Then it’s a large palate. … If it’s everyday, I go to Hasaki a lot on Ninth Street.

Birthday Dinner
C: I like to stay home. I’d probably just cook what my kids want to eat. I just make other people happy and it makes me happy
F: That’s hard to describe. I’d have dinner at Ardignia in Sicily. It means, “where eagles dare.” It’s on the top of a hill, surrounded by a farm. It’s sick. I’d have as much of the menu as I could: fresh ricotta (they make on the farm), sickest wild game, sickest pasta … sickest everything.

Last Call
F: [ditto]

Reading Material
C: An amazing book called “The One Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka. It’s awesome. It’s like the precursor to Michael Pollan’s writing. If you like “Omnivore’s Dilemma” or “In Defense of Food,” you’ll love it. Peter Meehan, who’s writing our cookbook, turned us onto it.
F: I’m reading “The Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry,” “The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening,” “Gardening the Organic Way, ” and then the usual stuff: “Storming Heaven,” a little Baudelaire, “Flowers of Evil,” a coolbook on Escoffier called “Escoffier King of Chefs,” “Love and Money” by Michael M. Thomas … and the galleys for the “Frankies Spuntino Cookbook.” Oh, also, “Death With Interruptions” and this book Peter Kaminsky wrote about grilling in Argentina, “Seven Fires.”

Writing Material
C: I’m so into Crane’s Cotton Paper: no trees are hurt. I spend the extra money for the quality paper, and I use it for almost everything I do.
F: Levi’s has been giving Crane’s their denim scraps for years.

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Fixate on a body lotion

....I am soo weird. I tried this lotion a few weeks ago AND could not stop thinking about it. Amazing texture, best scent AND organic! The whole product line is avaiable here or her shop in West Hollywood
on a totally unrelated note....
Liseanne Frank, LFrank has the best candles hands down....100% beeswax, they last forever and smell delicious!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yum +

Had an awesome meeting & lunch with Deana of GreenwithGlamour - definitely check out all the great products this website has to offer. We dined @ Viet Noodle Bar...yum, yum, yum and they make a mean iced tea!
Viet Noodle Bar - 3133 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036(323) 906-1575

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Monday, August 10, 2009 I stopped in the cute little shop yesterday, didn't pick up anything but I love the idea of calling ahead and picking up food en route to the Holllywood Bowl.....

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Please Join!!!

Come on, it's the time to join if you haven't already. If you even listen to KCRW once a month, in the car, on the web, whatever please give back. Besides, between the membership card and your premium you are making a profit - call or go to

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


(image taken from site)

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Cutest Dog Competition
Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Viva Vena Cava blog

The Vena Cava designers have a blog most recent entry is their list of things to do in LA this week on their visit - I started looking a the list for accuracy (just kidding) but seriously that list is long don't know if you could get it all done in a week or even two for that matter.

Take a look:

Rose Bowl Flee Market
HMS Bounty
Lucy’s El Adobe
La Brea Tar Pits
Alhambra Drive-In
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Larchmont Village
King Taco
El Gran Burrito
Julian Vintage
Farmers Market
Apple Pan
Tommy’s at 3am
Magic Castle
Korean BBQ
Noshi Sushi
Studio Wardrobe
St. Vincents Thrift
Hidden Treasures
Johnny Reb’s
Philips BBQ
Wax Museum
HIdden Treasures
Animal House
El Coyote
The Palm on Sunset
Venice Beach Canals
Stir Crazy
Fairfax Flea
Jet Rag parking lot sale
Moshty Malones
Patricks Roadhouse
The Cave
The Pantry
Label’s Tables
McArthur Park paddle boats
Biltmore Bar
Griffith Park Hiking
The New Beverly
Central Market
Ocean Seafood
Congo Room
Hollywood Cemetery outdoor movies
Aarons Records
Marios Peruvian Fish
Nuetra House tours
New Beverly Theatre
Disney Hall
The Wiltern
Trails Cafe
The Silent movie thatre
Zancou Chicken
Taylors Steak
Huntington Gardens
Muscle Beach
Topanga Canyon
Zuma Beach
I'm tired just thinking about it....!

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Monday, August 3, 2009


and via photo!! A loup de charmant dress which I think I can purchase via still not sure about that part

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who knew Stiff Soled Shoes - my post about my hiking boots back when I broke my foot would be sooooo popular. Seriously - that post gets more hits than possibly all the others combined???? WTF

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