Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another reason to love Z Cuisine

If you live in Colorado or plan on visiting Colorado, a meal @ Z Cuisine is highly recommended from moi....and now more so than ever - way to go Patrick~

I went to see The Cove movie last Sunday night — this is really big for me because my whole being wants to be involved so very deeply in this indifferent world we live in.
This is why I would like to call myself a Food Activist one day, but nothing will happen unless I take action and become available to that mission.

This is why I want to be part of this very important movie that concerns the protection of the entire food chain and the future of it.

In addition to the captivity and mass slaughtering of dolphins — which have become my symbol of the indignance, ignorance and greed of human behavior — I want to be a voice for all the messages that are not being heard enough: all the other movies out there being used as a vessel to intrigue, touch and reach as many souls as possible about our world, and how we can — how we should — live more harmoniously within it.

So lets start with that, I will buy 50 tickets to go see the movie at the STARZ Film Center
Come by Z Cuisine. Collect your tickets. And take part in your destiny.

Patrick Dupays

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