Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time to take out the trash!

Had enough of Speidi and their antics??? Go on

Beginning today through Sunday, June 21, we are putting it to the fans to decide whether to banish Heidi and Spencer from E! forever, or at least until they do something truly newsworthy (WHICH MEANS NEVER). Or let us know if you want to see their every move documented. Vote in our online poll to declare E! a Speidi-free zone. Results will be announced on E! News Monday at 7/6c.
Al Roker was joking when he said he'd "hit them with Mace and tie them up." We obviously don't condone that craziness at all, but if you can irritate the unflappable Roker that much, well, you've got to be pretty annoying.
So let's settle this like adults: Have you had enough Speidi or would you like some more? We'll do as you wish.
The choice is yours.

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