Monday, June 15, 2009

A Don't Buy - Current Elliott

In the 3 or so years of my blog I have never posted a 'negative' so it would obviously take a lot to get me to this point!

DON'T buy Current Elliot Jeans! And here's why...

Back in Feb, I purchased a pair of the ubiquitous boyfriend Jean. I was really excited for the jeans, they were soft, comfy, I could dress them up or down. They were over $200 - not cheap but not super expensive. In March, a hole started to form in the middle of the leg. This was a manufacturers or fabric flaw - no biggie, happens all the time. I will call up and expain the situation. Since I live in LA and they are based in LA I am sure we can deal with this easily.
This is not why I am saying not to buy CE, it's what follows....

The jeans did not need to go back to the store, its was a fabric flaw. I call the showroom and the rep, I know her name but will leave it off, was completely rude and basically cut me off mid-sentence. 'We don't deal with the public you need to return them at point of purchase.' Wow, that was rude but maybe this chica is having a bad day.

Ok, I will do a month passes and the store repeatedly contacts this rep asking for an RA (return authorization) over and over with no reply. Finally, after a month or so, she issues the RA and then another month goes by. Now, its taken longer for the jeans to be replaced than I've worn 'em. At this point, I am so frustrated and the store is stuck. They are even telling me how frustrated they are with the rep.

I call the showroom once again, explain the situation and this rep gives me such attitude and a lecture about how she does not work with customers directly. She was hands down the rudest person I have ever spoken with in a customer service role. Ok, that's the second time she has been a B**CH to deal with, not acceptable.
Even if you don't work with the 'public' there is a pleasant or even decent way to pass along this information.

Fast forward to JUNE - HUMMM How many months was that? and I have a replacement pair.

This is the WORST case of customer service I have ever experienced! I work in a business development/sales role and have years of sales and retail experience through high school and college. I know what I am talking about. Given the economy and all the people out there dying for a Job I would recommend CE find a replacement pronto!
So don't buy CE jeans because if something happens to your jeans I would not want you to go through what I just did!

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