Monday, February 4, 2008

Magical Music

Ever have an amazing experience but its impossible to describe? That's the end result of an impromptu concert by the fabulous singer songwriter Woody Williamson. Woody made his way into the bubble via Laguna/LA and gave me and my dear friend Kimmy a little taste of his sweet and soulful sounds over the weekend. Hello..concert party of two!!! My advice, find out when Woody is in your town and don't miss out!

Here's what others say about dear WW aka Alabaster Rhumb.

“Where is all the new exciting and original talent these days? It seems that alabaster rhumb is holding on to quite a bit of it. It's really worth your while to seek him out and watch him open up the box to reveal all the sparkly treasures inside.”
Steve Wood - producer/composer
(Sting, George Harrison, Dave Mathews Band)

“The work is exquisitely beautiful; compelling and distracting, terrible and funny, personal and universal…”
Jason Feddy
Acclaimed Singer Songwriter

“I saw alabaster rhumb play last year, and in the same way that when I first heard Tom Waits I thought my speakers were broken, I adjusted my perception of what he was doing and realized…he's a genius! One of the most original talents I've seen in ages!”
Steve Lawson
“Bassist Extraordinaire”
Bass Player Magazine

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