Monday, August 25, 2008

Bringing out My Inner 13yo

Even though I dropped and broke a full glass jug of juice on my toe at the grocery last night. Which now leaves me with a bloody, bruised and swollen digit I am still writing to you today. See the dedication I have to you my loyal readers!!!

Yesterday while reading the NY Times this headline flashed across my eyes....Hugh R. Butt, 98, Doctor Whose Studies Helped With Blood Problems. I know its so immature and terrible to make fun of the dead but I felt like I was watching the segment on the Leno Show when he shows those silly headlines.

And then there was this line....where Dr. Butt was head of the division of gastroenterology. I know so immature Dr Butt the head of gas....ok I should stop....The entire article is here - RIP Dr Hugh Butt.

Off to Vegas be back Wed, maybe....

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