Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhhh the Irony

Awhile back, 4 of us came up with a new line of liquor. Bottle design by the woman who designed the Level bottle, branding and development from a key player at Absolut with years of liquor strategy experience, me with marketing and business development, and the attorney.
Long story short there were snags and holdups and the projected was shelved.
The attorney created a paranoid idea in his head that the other 3 were well on our way to market and without him. He threatened to sue, in a very nasty letter mind you.

Oh, which after review from 3 attorneys was told it would never stand a chance.

HOW IRONIC that I come to find out that the guy who threatened the suit, guess what???? Turned around and created the liquor without informing the other 3. He did his own take on the packaging and it is SO LAME.

Good riddance.
On a brighter note TGIF and even brighter note - check out my friend's new blog - she's a very funny girl.!

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