Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a bag, bags....

Beth Springer has a wonderful collection of hangbags, totes and clutches....handmade in my little hood of Venice, CA....I am coveting one myself.

Here's a little more info about her collection which makes her bags all the more beautiful!

My ethos: Do no harm. I am big believer in environmental sustainability, so my bags are made with nature in mind. Because I want to tread lightly on the earth, I employ the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle to every aspect of my business. The goal is to get as close to zero waste as possible.
To that end,

I design:
using no extraneous hardware. Metal feet are absent on the bottom of my bags because
1) those little metal feet use our precious natural resources, require a highly toxic process to coat, and do not biodegrade
2) feet are redundant on my bags because the leather I use can sustain long years of use without wearing through. using all remnants. I endeavor to use the entire hide.
Made using no filler- most leather bags today use a thinner leather to save money, and then back that leather with vinyl. It is a hidden environmental disaster.

Made with vegetable dyed leathers- vegetable dyed leathers are colored with plant dyes. No chrome is used.with leather that is by-product.

No exotics are used.

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