Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prop Launch

Are you looking at my title wondering if I forgot the 'e.' Not so dear friend, Prop is for Prop Clothing the eco-fashion line of David Arquette, Ben Harper and David Bedwell. After working on the NY launch last night it moved coasts and to present the LA launch at the Arquettes. The event was a blast, beginning with a synchronized swimming performance. When I first heard about this I was wondering what the H*** but it was a lovely touch, to the fashions to the Ben Harper ++ mini concert.

Let the name dropping begin with in the first 15 minutes I spotted; Heidi Klum, Vincent Gallo, Luka Haas, Lance Armstrong, Diane Wiest, Rosanna Arquette, Laura Dern, many more Arquettes, Pee Wee Herman.....

and if you are curious what my role was in the whole thing - email me

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