Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Independent Spirit Awards II

As you may or may not know when I am not working on sponsorships, product placement, gift bags or something in that world, I am a consultant for Bladeyourride.com. Some times they overlap, and this was the case last year when I was working on David Arquette and Ben Harper's clothing launch. I approached a very large limo company in LA about Blade. They purchased a few, saw the results immediately, Bladed their entire fleet and then provided transportation for Propr.

It's important to add...as a result of Prop, Ben Harper and Laura Dern not only learned about, but have become extremely supportive of Blade! Thanks guys!

In December, I approached the Independent Spirit Awards with this case study. I knew the event would be a carbon neutral event and I knew this non-profit had never offered chauffeured transportation for its presenters. They loved the idea and we offered this as an option for the presenters. Presenter/Actors including; Alec Baldwin, Jessica Alba, Andie MacDowell and about 8 others took eco-transportation. It was a win win for all!

This is Mickey's acceptance unedited speech which was heavily edited for TV - enjoy!

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