Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Week

It's always great to attend a party or two but when its a party or two a night it can be taxing...that is what happened last week. I did swing into the Global Green Pre Oscar Party on Thursday. I can't comment on the performances since I was upstairs in the VIP which had a rocking DJ so we camped out there.

The Indepedent Spirit Awards occurred on Saturday and drinking endless glasses of Champagne, eating pretty good food, especially when you consider it was catered for 1500, and mingling with many many actors that I GUSH over is a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Many of you may not know, the awards are technically the Film Independent Spirit Awards and Film Independent is a non-profit. If you want to continue to have the option of independent films at your local cinema you may want to support this org.

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