Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deep Thoughts....

...just kidding. But the email below definitely got me thinking, read it for yourself...

Your life is a reflection of the conversation in your

Here's what that means: If your primary conversation is
about business, than your life will turn into business. If
it's about spirituality, than everything will have a spiritual
tone. If you're stuck, than everything will reflect that energy.

Whether you're aware of it or not, the conversation in your
mind is completely and totally responsible for your reality.

So the million dollar question becomes: "Are you in the
right conversation?"

The only way to know is to honestly look at the current
spectrum of your life and decide whether you are enjoying
your story or not. Is it fulfilling you? Are you making the
most powerful and positive impact? Do you feel good
about the direction you're heading?

If the answer is no, look for a teacher, a mentor, or a coach
who can help you change that conversation immediately.
Yes, it is possible.

If the answer is yes, help others NOW.

As you move through the world today, really focus on
observing the conversation in your mind. Notice what you
see, acknowledge what it's creating, and make your choice.

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