Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Answer.....

Little did I know that my dog, a Scottish Deerhound named Ollie would be such the celebrity. I am not exaggerating! I am stopped numerous times daily even while trying to maintain a low profile = running in the am when nobody is out, not walking him during peak times of the day, staying away from the touristy areas of Venice - yeah, you know what I mean.
People stop traffic in their cars to comment or inquire, People ask me to take a photo with Ollie, Photographers ask to shoot him in their studio for a stock photo (never offering to pay), he's been asked to be in films (again with no pay).
And this happens repeatedly...Then the questions begin....99.9% of the time in this order
What kind of dog is it?
How old is he?
What did he look like as a puppy?
How big was he as a puppy?
How long have I had him?
Does he eat a lot? (To what am I comparing)
Where did you get him?
How much did he cost? Seriously??
And on and on....some are so ridiculous its hard to respond without complete sacarsm in my response.
And then are those that just pet Ollie and say nice dog - AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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