Friday, August 10, 2007

Cocktail Parties

I am not big on small talk at parties and, while some may be surprised to learn this, most times I would rather listen and watch the interactions between the guests then lead the conversation. But this is not always appropriate. SEED Magazine can help with my dilemma. They have a weekly column entitled, I can't believe it's science. Its chock full of all sorts of cocktail fodder...

For example, did you know Leopards in India are lured by cell phones??
Forest guards in western India have started setting traps for renegade leopards by attaching cell phones to speakers and placing them behind cages. The phones, that ring by mooing, bleating, or crowing for several hours at a time, have effectively snagged five leopards in the month since they were introduced. Forest officials say the cell phone lure is safer than the old method of placing live bait near large pits that the big cats tumble into as they go after their prey. click here for more

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