Monday, August 20, 2007

Colorado Sun Factor

I don't know how some of my friends manage? There is no way I can go without a little eye protection in this state - the elevation, blue skies, etc. Some time ago I decided that I needed a new pair of specs. After endless searching, research, price comparison, begging - no doubt the OCD gene takes form here. I decided to purchase another pair from Blinde (pronounced Blind people). My goal was to find a pair that I could run (hopefully one day again), bike, whatever and still wear out without looking ridiculous.

Here they are, hope you approve ;). But there is one little problem, while paying, I tried on these beautiful Oliver Peoples frames - hello gorgeous. How quickly I reenter into the land of temptation...being the klutz that I am I know these would have a very short life span but they will go on the wish list.

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