Thursday, August 23, 2007

Naughty Pierre

Last night was all about support/showing the love; for Marlow and his new film the Other Half, for Boulder Fringe Festival, for Way and his part in the evening's events. I wrongfully assumed the evening would be a film premiere and a couple of short films. From the moment I walked in and some guy in a snarky suit with greased back hair and a harelip mustache grabbed my hand and started kissing it I should have know something was awry.

I would soon learn this crazy man was Naughty Pierre aka Jefferson Arca . He is the brainchild of the Naughty Burlesque & Comedy Extravaganza in Denver at Lannies - click here for more info.

I can speak for everyone when I say had us rolling, crying I think there was even some snorting. Whether in character as Naughty Pierre, with his George Bush puppet or the remote live chat with one of the directors of the most terrible (imo) short, we were dying. Any more description than that just won't do NP justice.
Go down and check it out.

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