Monday, April 16, 2007

Art for All

I'd love my own Twombly, Basquiat, Clemente, Freud, Warhol, Pollock, Rothko, Johns or a hundred or so other artists but that's way down on the list.

*Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente
and Andy Warhol Alba's Breakfast, 1984

*Cy Twombly, Natural History Part II, Some Trees of Italy

If you are looking for something that won't max out your credit card....

Tiny Showcase - sign up and every Tuesday a different artist creates a limited edition print for about $20-$30 (the emails are pretty funny too)
Etsy - amazing resource, pick your medium and go!
SCAD - buy artwork by students, faculty, etc of the Savannah College of Art and Design

Or consider your local university, galleries or art fairs.
Two excellent painters in my backyard.

Sarah Kinn -

Julia Lunk -

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