Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday, Friday

Since I've heard more than a few times, 'where did you find that,' or 'how do you know about that,' I created one place to store all my finds/interests/obsessions. I hope folks from all over are enticed to read, comment and bookmark but today is a little Boulder-centric....

A few haps for the weekend & beyond

Those who prefer to avoid the crowds on the weekend (WHATEVER) could head to Placebo Wed at the Fillmore (April 18). I can't vouch for the group personally but they come recommended by a guy (?) with the CoolFactor5 going on = trust him!!

If a concert is not your thing but you want some new music.

Check out Natural Selection produced in part by Pangea Organics ...Dj Ivy played a few tracks on KGNU and it caught my attention.

A not so new release but GOOD STUFF - Ole Tarantula - Robyn Hitchock + The Venus 3, which consists of R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, Young Fresh Fellows frontman Scott McCaughey and Ministry's Bill Rieflin. Via David @ World Cafe, always a little something for everyone!

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