Friday, April 27, 2007

The IT Tote?

A few weeks ago I saw this bag and wanted one. After reading this piece today (see below) it seems the shopping frenzy created coupled with money making scheme of reselling the bag on ebay completely take away from the original intent of the concept/ with 20k or so of these bags running around are they really so COOL & exclusive anymore?

THOUSANDS of shoppers have again been left empty handed following a last-ditch bid to own Anya Hindmarch's £5 "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" tote. The iconic bag, which was designed in collaboration with eco group We Are What We Do, went on sale for the final time at selected Sainsbury's stores yesterday and prompted round-the-block queues - some of which started at 3am - at the 400 stores stocking it. The 20,000 bags offered in the final phase for the limited edition must-have sold out within an hour - sending disappointed shoppers scurrying home to their PCs to see whether the £100+ price tag for the bags selling on eBay had reduced at all. "It is tempting to increase the amount of bags on sale to ease people's frustration and spread the message," Hindmarch told the Evening Standard. "Unfortunately, we said they are limited edition." If you're yet to nab one, all is not lost - limited edition versions of the bag have been produced for sale in the US and Japan this summer. To get your hands on the super-exclusive, international re-incarnation, log onto for more details. A pre-ordering facility will open soon.

Looking for a tote? Really the options are endless & allow for a better nite sleep.
One you may not be familar with... made from recycled newspapers

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