Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Haps

For those of us in the 8-whatever grind it's our fav day of the work week!

A few weekend hi-lights

  • Friday 10am MDT a Moment of Silence for the victims of the VT massacre
  • Opening Friday in theaters, Hot Fuzz, by the funny blokes of Shaun of the Dead (rent it)!!
  • Or check out newly released Best of Larry Sanders on DVD
  • Like Art, hate crowds? Head down to Art District on Santa Fe in Denver for 3rd Friday.
  • Stop at the Creative Art & Design Galley on Santa Fe to see Boulder artists Amy Kisch & Mendel Rabinovitch, exhibit Verdad de la Calvera.
  • Saturday, Farmers Market (reposting since it recently restarted). The Wednesday nite market returns in May, as do the beautiful peonies!!! Luv 'em!
  • Saturday the Brazilian Girls at the Ogden or Sean Lennon at the Bluebird - decisions decisions....
  • Sunday Earth Day
  • Sunday 4k race and Expo (Wild Oats benefit for The Center for ReSource Conservation)

Tuesday and Wednesday @ FOX - the University Denim Blowout Sale. Never been but I am most definitely not one to miss a warehouse sale!

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