Friday, June 1, 2007

End of Week

Slacker Prophet does not have any gigs in town so here's a few alternatives.

The brief brief rundown
Friday - If you have not hit Santa Fe for a 1st Friday - GO!
Friday - First Friday at The Boulder Arts & Craft Gallery - Reception for Julia Lunk 6-9p.
Friday - Begins Sarah Kinn's month long exhibit at Pekoe.
Friday - BMOCA - summer exhibits begin tonite
Friday - Movies including Knocked Up
Visit and create your own knocked up baby - FUN FUN!!
Here's mine - Tequila Playhouse. He/she? is the result of a tequila bender between Condelezza Rice and Paul Reubens post arrangement.

Saturday - Billy Martin & Cyro at Boulder Theater

Saturday - New Mastersounds at The Fox

Sunday - Free yoga at 9:30 at Lululemon at 29th St

Sunday - 11a Yoga with Larissa Ortiz at Mandala

Sunday - Barista Jam at Joe's in the Steeleyards at 3:30p

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