Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Venice Beach

I know am in the minority but I love LA. There are nooks and crannies all over the city that go against all the knee jerk stereotype of LA (you know it!!).

Great places like the Getty and areas like Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice where the shop and building owners strive to keep chains off the street (hello pearl street when did you sell out…) even though it grows like crazy.
It was recently uncovered that one of the building owners in AB is set to lease to a Pinkberry shop (for those of you not familiar with pb it's disgusting, totally faux yogurt chain that has replaced the ginormous Starbucks cup as the hit accessory and diet supplement on the virtually non-existent arms of celebrities in LA).
And it is causing quite the ruckus! Read a bit here
So now that I have sold you on a trip to LA (haha) - visit Abbot Kinney & go to Jin Patisserie - the most amazzzing and elegant sweets! A serene little shop set back off the main blvd. I mean check out this pasteries, they are works of art....

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