Thursday, June 14, 2007

Excellent RSS

RSS is a GREAT tool. The inventor is a genius! Not everyone understand RSS feeds and thus takes advantage of this freebie.
I found this diagram via one of my RSS feeds ;o). Since I thought it provided a great visual, I pulled it and included a basic overview of the feature just for you.

The acronym stands for Really Simple Syndication, an XML format that was created to syndicate news, and a super easy way to read/share content on the web. But not everyone gets that so in it layman's terms = Ready for Some Stories. It is a way for you to get a quick list of the latest story headlines from all your favorite websites and blogs all in one place - YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Instead of going to each site the RSS feed essentially brings them all to you.. . With RSS, you sign up for a website or blog, and get all the new headlines from your favs or bookmarked sites delivered to you.

This is the RSS icon. I have one on my Blog, down on the bottom on the left. All you need to do to start receiving RSS feeds, from my blog or any other location, is click the icon. This gives the website permission to send stories to your email. When you receive the feed, if the headline or byte looks interesting click and this will take you to the full story.

What are you waiting for....?

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