Thursday, January 24, 2008


A few months ago I upgraded to the BB Pearl, its been quite the challenge to get the proper headset. I refuse to wear one of those dorky bluetooth versions. I will stick with the old school wire. In my car I go the speakerphone route anyways. I dropped my name onto the BB wait list for the headset - 2x I was emailed that they were available and by the time I went to order they were all gone. Finally, 3rd and my order was in! Hail Mary! When I returned from Sundance the box arrived but when I tried to put the jack into the headset hole it was too big? How could this be? This was the unit BB instructed me to purchase!!! I was annoyed and when I read the invoice and it said I was responsible for the shipping to return the headset I was fuming!

I sent an email to RIM explaining the situation and received this reply
Dear Jen,

We have issued you a credit. Do not worry about sending the headset back to us.

Thank you,

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All good - but I still need the proper be continued.

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