Thursday, January 3, 2008

Organic Education

I read about the new Origins Organics Line and I thought I might give it a try since I was out of face lotion. I was hesitant because Origins' like Aveda (which contains parabens btw) fragrance does not appeal to me at all! But I was curious so I went to the shop and started to sample the products when a saleslady approached me, asking if I needed assistance. I mentioned my interest in the lotion but was curious if I might take a small sample before purchasing. She responded that if she were to give me a sample the product would no longer be organic, so no she could not. Now, I am no eco-nazi but I think she was dead wrong. If I put organic toothpaste on a non-organic toothbrush does it lose it's organic composition, NO. If I put my organic veggies on a plastic plate they are still organic veggies right? So while I applaud Origins for creating an organic line (still a little smelly for my liking) I would suggest a little education on organics for your staff.

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